Southwest Louisiana native, David Meche, attributes the passion for his career to his southern roots. His greatest pride is helping the members of the Lafayette community, which he holds near and dear to his heart. The people of his hometown genuinely care for others, which is a trait that David adopted early on in life and has been the core foundation of the work that he hasdedicated his career to providing to clients.

David Meche describes himself as a financial coach, guiding his peers through the uncertainty of market fluctuations including all-time low interest rates and overall market losses. His main objective is to be an educator of choices, providing his clients with an understanding of all options that will lead to a more certain and comfortable future. Clients come to David with a variety of concerns, ranging from ‘can I retire?’ to ‘how much income can I receive in retirement?’. David and his team diligently compile all the facts and offer clients a truly comprehensive, exclusive plan to aide in retirement preparation. When clients speak of David, they emphasize that David always prioritizes their success over his own.

When he’s not in the office, you will find David and his wife doing what they love most- managing their family horse farm. They find great pride in waking up before the sun to watch a foal be welcomed into the world.